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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


Teachers often have interests, skills, and specialties that can enrich their students’ experience by extending their learning beyond the traditional confines of grade-level education. This paper proposes surveying faculty about their personal hobbies and interests, and creating a reference resource that will help school administrators and teachers access one another’s personal interests in order to enrich their curricula. The researcher created two surveys. The first was a simple questionnaire focusing on teachers’ resource/curriculum needs. Out of 225 teachers, 75 completed and returned the first questionnaire. This data was used to create a more detailed second questionnaire, which attempted to gather data about teachers’ special interests in order to fulfill teachers’ expressed needs. Out of 225 teachers, 100 responded. The results from the second questionnaire were then used to create a “Faculty Resource Manual” which was distributed to all teachers within the school district.


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