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Master of Arts (MA)




This thesis project centers itself in a discussion of the poetic form. Using the metaphor, poetry as landscape, the author states that poets establish common ground with the reader and allow readers “access to the poet’s exterior and interior views” through the use of this poetic convention. The project offers further examination of several poets’ work, in close analysis, which springboard consideration and definition of the elements of poetry with special attention to imagery. In particular, the project’s analysis of Collins’ personal landscape and Glück’s spiritual landscape in their poetry expands the conversation on the use of “imagery, metaphor, and statement” within this art form. The concluding discussion of the thesis also looks at the concepts of self-awareness, transformation, and authenticity as desired results of poetry’s impact on individuals and society.

The remaining sections of the thesis collection offer original poetry, creative essays, and a play, This Heat. A brief introduction and analysis of the original poetry collection, Night Traveler, is included in the project.


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