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Master of Arts (MA)




This thesis is a hybrid work, and includes fourteen pieces: nine poems, two vignettes, and three short stories. Some of the pieces have been inspired by news stories, and others by the writer's photography and travel experiences, specifically, her semester abroad in China. Although the content varies, the subjects of perception, human relationships, death, and a focus on the seasons and urban landscape serve to create a connection between the pieces. The poems are all free verse, but many of them maintain a consistent form. The writer experiments with visual line breaks, inspired by the poetry of E.E. Cummings, as well as prose poetry. While the short stories have a traditional structure, the vignettes are less narrative and more impressionistic. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first has a greater focus on relationships between people, while the second emphasizes the city and touches on the subject of consumerism, particularly in the final three pieces. The writings of Matsuo Basho, William Carlos Williams, Sandra Cisneros, and W.G. Sebald have also influenced the content of this thesis.

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