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The Indiana Sphagnum flora is expanded from 10 to 28 species. Sphagnum.henryense, S. recurvum, and S. bartlettianum are more southerly species reaching northern limits while S.centrale, S. papillosum, S. squarrosum, S. teres, S. contortum, S. platyphyllum, S. fallax, S.flexuosum, S. augustifolium, S. pulchrum, S. riparium, S. capillifolium, S. subtile, S. rubellum, S.fuscum, S. girgensohnii, S. russowii, S. fimbriatum, and S. wulfianum are northern species which reach a southern limit in Indiana. One half of the northern species are limited to the three northern counties bordering Lake Michigan, but the occurrence of the other half in an apparently recently colonized abandoned sandstone quarry in the middle of the state suggests that the limiting factor may be habitat more than climate. The most extensive peatland in the state, Pinhook Bog, is briefly characterized.

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