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Master of Science (MS)


Biological Sciences


Limnologists studying the biota of inland bodies of water must consider the physical and chemical nature of the waters and its seasonal variations in order to obtain a complete understanding of the aquatic ecosystem. In many well studied bodies of water, such as Linsley Pond, information is available on some physical and chemical parameters, but this is not so for McCargo Lake.

Here, the amount of basic limnological data is very small with much of the older records inconsistent and fragmentary. A satisfactory understanding of McCargo Lake necessitates a knowledge of the physical and chemical variations which occur and directly or indirectly affect the ecosystem. A suitable method of obtaining this information is by accurate analysis of the physical and chemical data throughout the entire year. Rawson (1939) indicates that the inter-relationships of climate, physical and chemical factors affecting lakes are extremely complex and require a high degree of investigation. In fact, Fruh and Lee (1966) pointed out that a body of water is a "dynamic ecosystem" and to study it effectively an investigator must sample frequently and analyze closely its physical and chemical constituents.

In this presentation the physical and chemical data are evaluated and related to seasonal changes. This was performed to make as complete a study as possible and to discover in what quantity the various elements exist in McCargo Lake throughout the year. It is anticipated that data collected as a result of this investigation will form a foundation to stimulate further research of McCargo Lake.

This study, although it began as a limnological investigation, has as a result of an aeration experiment become involved in the problems of eutrophication. The "enrichment of water", be it intentional or unintentional , incorporates any and all physical , chemical and nutritive substances therein (Hasler, 1947). Through a comparison of data from both the open lake waters and the aerated.waters leads to an understanding of the direction and extent of eutrophication in McCargo Lake.

Variations in the physical and chemical properties can be observed by a comprehensive limnological investigation of a body of water (Ruttner, 1953). It is to this end that this research on McCargo Lake has been conducted.