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Charles Perry, pictured here in the June 1924 Saga, grew up on a farm in nearby Clarendon and attended Brckport Normal, graduating in 1900. As some Normal grads did, he went on to a formal college, in his case Amherst. He taught in several schools, including Spencerport high school, before coming to Brockport in 1910. He was the head of the education department here, and also taught Greek and Latin in the "high school department." (Until the 1920s the high school for the village of Brockport was part of the training or campus school at the college.)

In 1937 when he retired a piece in the Saga yearbook noted that "His friendly presence and quiet dignity won the respect of all who came under his kindly influence. A humor which was never biting, a sympathy which was always sincere made his years of teaching a form of service to the young people of Brockport Normal." Perry Hall is named after him.


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Charles Perry, Brockport Normal, Perry Hall