Lowery, Jane



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Jane Lowery was from Parma and was born in 1843. She attended the local common schools and then the Clarkson Academy. After teaching high school in Binghamton, she came to teach at Brockport in 1871, staying on until her death in 1903. Her motto was "Non scholae sed vitae discimus," or, "Not for school but for life we learn." In a local history column of 1959 a resident recalled that "Many students sought her advice; and her sound judgement, her impartial view and keen foresight were always at the service of her students."

She also had an interesting personal connection with the school; she was the sister-in-law of Charles McLean, the principal of the school, and she lived in a room in the principal's apartment in the old Normal School building!


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Jane Lowery, Brockport Normal School