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Miss Lee (Leonora) Schroeder was a long time health and physical education faculty member here at Brockport. She started in 1928 as “Director of Athletics Training for Girls,” at a time when recently imposed restrictions made intramural sports for women the norm as opposed to play between schools. She served the college until 1956, continuing to coach women’s sports, and teaching health and physical education. A graduate of Mont Clair Normal School in New Jersey, she continued her education at Rutgers and Columbia. Miss Schroeder was an instrumental part of establishing a major in physical education at the college with other physical educators here like Ernest Tuttle. At the time of her retirement she commented that “It is a tremendous satisfaction to think someone is a little better because of me.” She is pictured here ina photo from the 1932 year book.


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Leonora Schroeder, Brockport Normal School