Mission Statement

#History: A Journal of Student Research is a student driven, peer-reviewed, electronic journal that publishes articles by graduate and undergraduate students from any accredited college or university. #History showcases and shares exceptional student scholarship in a variety of formats including research papers, master theses, capstone projects, oral history interviews, posters, historical documentaries, and photo essays. By engaging students from multiple institutions, #History seeks to connect students from different schools and to create an intellectual forum that encourages historical dialogue and the exchange of ideas. The journal also offers promising student historians at the College at Brockport an opportunity for hands-on experience with the publishing end of the profession.

Current Volume: Volume 1 (2016)

Faculty Advisors' Introduction

Greetings and welcome to the inaugural issue of #History, the student scholarship journal of the Department of History at the College at Brockport. As faculty co-advisors for this journal, we want to take this occasion as an opportunity to sing the praises of some of the people who made this first issue possible. Without their contributions, this first installment would never have gotten off the ground.

First and foremost is our colleague, Dr. Angela Thompsell, who really did the lioness’ share of the heavy lifting that brought the journal to life: She oversaw everything from the basics of design and artwork, to supervising the student editors — showing them the ropes and keeping them on track. The launch of this first issue is really very much her achievement

Next up would be our student Managing Editor, Martin Norment, and his team of student editors, who reviewed all the submissions and did much of the copy editing, as well. The results, we believe, reveal the scholarly strengths of our student historians, both undergraduates and graduate students.

Finally, we also owe a debt of gratitude to Kim Myers, our Digital Commons point person at the College at Brockport, and the production staff at Bepress. Their responsiveness and eagerness to help made the complex task of putting together a new online journal and getting up and running seem simple.

Welcome once again, and we hope you enjoy the articles and papers in issue number 1 of #History.

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George Grenville
Caleb Follmer




Managing Editor
Martin Norment
Associate Editors
Nathan Daugherty, Matty Kuhar, and Richard Stocking
Faculty Advisors
Dr. Angela Thompsell
Dr. Carl Davila
Dr. Paul Moyer