Date of Award


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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Health Science


The female athlete triad (disordered eating, amenorrhea, osteoporosis) is a severe and potentially fatal syndrome that affects many female athletes. This research described the preparedness of coaches to participate in primary prevention and intervention of the triad; specifically, senior Physical Education and Sport majors' (N=61) current state of knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors related to the triad were examined. Results indicated that the majority of student coaches lacked knowledge of the triad, appropriate attitudes and skills, and were not likely to participate in indicated behaviors. Comparisons found that female students had significantly more knowledge, appropriate attitudes and skills, and were more likely to participate in indicated behaviors than male students. Also, subjects who reported receiving training about the triad did not significantly differ in their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors from those without training. These findings indicate the need for initial and continuing education of coaches.


Private information (phone numbers) were redacted from this thesis.