Date of Publication


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Business Administration and Economics

First Advisor

Mustafa Canbolat, PhD


Uncertainty in the business environment is a major threat for each and every organization. One such uncertainty is resource utilization. Proper resource utilization can be extremely beneficial to companies in any industry. One method of developing utilization strategies is the use of simulation modeling. Simulation models enable the user to visualize how altering different parts can change an entire system. It allows managers to test strategies and discover solutions to operational problems by mimicking the complex behavior of a system. Operations managers can test new ideas and options before actual implementation. Unfortunately, there has been little research concerning or using simulation models in the field of sport facility management. Like any other organization in a service-oriented business environment, a sport or recreation entity must also maximize resource utilization in order to maintain customer satisfaction and profitability. It is relatively unknown whether new or existing sport facilities consistently make use of simulation methods to develop their own utilization strategies. With the purpose of illustrating the benefits this software can provide, using the software Arena, a simulation model will be created to replicate the characteristics and activities of a fitness center.