Date of Publication


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Accounting, Economics, and Finance

First Advisor

Dr. Barry Hettler, Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance


This study examines the effects of the high-water levels on businesses along the St. Lawrence River in 2017. I investigate two specific research questions: if and how the businesses were financially affected by a changing number of tourists, as well as, if and how businesses were affected, physically or financially, by the high-water levels and flooding that occurred. I explore these research questions by interviewing owners and managers from a sample of three organizations in the region, each representing a different industry. In addition to conducting interviews, in an attempt to quantify the dollar impact of the high water and flooding in the region on my sample businesses, I compare the financial records for the two fiscal years prior to the fiscal year affected by the flooding in 2017. I find that the businesses were affected by the flooding primarily because they experienced fewer tourists.

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Accounting Commons