Date of Publication


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Women and Gender Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Bek Orr, Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies


Homeless menstruation is a prevalent issue across the United States, however, there is currently a severe lack of academic literature on the topic. This paper is a call to action for feminist and public health scholars to conduct more theory-based research in order to implement effective and inclusive solutions for problems associated with homeless menstruation. I utilized feminist media analysis and discourse analysis to examine articles about homeless menstruation published by popular media sources as well as organizations and businesses that are involved in the fight for menstrual equity. The work that is being done by these organizations and media sources to understand and remedy the problems of homeless menstruation is important and does have an impact. However, this work often centers cisgender women and ignores menstruators who identify as non-binary or trans, making these efforts less effective and further marginalizing these populations. A basic application of feminist theory would ensure a more intersectional approach to both understanding and solving issues of homeless menstruation.