Date of Publication


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Education and Human Development

First Advisor

Allison Wright, Professor


The content area of social studies has in recent years been replaced within the educational curriculum across the country. This paper discusses how the slow removal of studying the socialization of mankind from the education system is directly linked to the decline in societal values, citizenship and a sense of value. Through a brief overview of how education was established in America to specific programs and misconceptions in teaching social studies, this paper delves into finding out the importance of teaching social studies. My research revealed that social studies are a vital organ within the body of education. My findings ultimately show the systems of education have always been viewed in some aspect or another for the betterment of society. This concept is not new nor is little written about the impact if ignored, but fewer today are looking back to the past to help find answers to the present day issues of our schools, teachers and students. Until more administrative heads re-examine the fundamentals of education our children and our own futures are faced with a dismal society. For if removing that which teaches us the past, how then can we learn to live in the future free from repeating the mistakes of the past?