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“The MISO (Measuring Information Service Outcomes) Survey is a web-based quantitative survey designed to measure how faculty, students, and staff view library and computing services in higher education” ( Fifty-five colleges will be using it in 2016 to collect user input regarding library and IT services. It has been administered at the College at Brockport every two years since 2008. SUNY Geneseo began using the tool a few years later. The survey assesses use, importance and satisfaction for a sample of campus groups that can include undergraduates, graduates, faculty and staff. The survey has helped to track changing technologies and resource use and can be used to determine service gaps (e.g., need to increase wireless coverage or improve quiet space, etc.). This poster will compare how the MISO instrument is administered and used at two public four-year comprehensive colleges in New York State. It will focus on the populations included, survey methodology, results, and how responses have been disseminated. The MISO online comparison tool will also be highlighted as a way to benchmark with peers. Suggested improvements to better use MISO data as part of assessing library impact and to ‘close the loop’ will also be included.