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Seymour & Morgan reaper manufacturers, Brockport NY.

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Brockport NY


D. S. Morgan, William Seymour, Cyrus McCormick, reapers, agricultural machinery, Brockport NY


In the 1840s two Brockport men, William Seymour and Dayton Morgan, had a small foundry and agricultural machinery factory. They came into contact with inventor Cyrus McCormick and built his first commercial reapers. They went on to develop their own line of reapers, making use of patented improvements. In the 19th century mechanization of farming was a huge and vital business, and Brockport was a key player. This collection is an introduction to the history of the company, and the papers from it held in the local history collections here.

D. S. Morgan (Seymour & Morgan) Company



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