Mary Smith



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Hamlin, NY


Monroe County, Genesee County, Towns of LeRoy, Bergen, Sweden, Clarkson and Hamlin, history and development, Triangle Tract


This manuscript by Mary Smith, written during her time as Hamlin Town Historian, is a splendid example of the best local history can be. She carefully and thoroughly details the history and development of the "Triangle Tract," as the region which includes the towns named in the title was called in its pioneer days. She covers social and economic aspects of the growth of this region by land developers like the LeRoy family in a comprehensive way not found elsewhere.

The manuscript was originally written as part of a 1984 seminar on the history of the Genesee Valley region held at the College at Brockport by the Department of History. It was included in a book of papers from that seminar entitled:

Entrepreneurship and Community: The Businessman on the Genesee Frontier, 1790-1850.

The current download is a scan of the original typewritten manuscript. With Mary Smith's permission that manuscript is being edited and enhanced with new images by some members of the Brockport Community Museum Board. When available it will be posted here.

A History of the Early Development of the Towns of LeRoy, Bergen, Sweden, Clarkson and Hamlin New York



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