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“Remembering” consists of memorial tributes written for 480 SUNY Brockport emeriti, retirees and friends. Entrees cover those who passed away from January 2, 2001 through December 31, 2019 plus a few stories from earlier years. Tributes were collected from obituary information where known, and personal reminiscences from the author and others. Richard (Bud) Meade served as Brockport’s Director of Human Resources for many years. He emailed updates to emeriti/retirees to keep them abreast of events and things going on at the College that he thought would be of interest, and through which they could share their retirement stories with others. Includes index and photos.

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Brockport, NY


Brockport, Emeriti, Retirees, Tribute, Memorial

Remembering: Not to Be Thwarted, We Remember Some of Brockport's Finest



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