An in-depth understanding of mathematics is of great importance in many careers in our technologically complex society. Moreover, the study of mathematics promotes analytical and critical-thinking skills, and therefore is a valuable part of any program of study. The major and minor programs in mathematics are designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue graduate study or to support career goals in a range of professions.

Collected here are honors theses produced by students in the Department of Mathematics at the College at Brockport.


Theses from 2018


Extending the Applicability of the Lagrange Multipliers Method, Ashley Case


Mathematical Modeling of Fish Populations in Lake Ontario using Differential Equations, Emily Kralles

Theses from 2016


Math in Motion: How Integrating Dance and into a Math Classroom Affects a Student’s Ability to Learn, Rebecca Buranich

Theses from 2014


Enrollment Trends at the College at Brockport, Jourdan Giambona

Theses from 2013


A Statistical Analysis of the Factors that Potentially Affect the Price of A Horse, Caitlin Allen