Marilyn Billings is the Scholarly Communication & Special Initiatives Librarian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a position she has held since 2006. She provides campus and regional leadership and education in alternative scholarly communication strategies and gives presentations on author rights, new digital publishing models and the role of digital repositories in today's research and scholarship endeavors. As an active member of professional library organizations, Marilyn is also involved in regional and national workshops on these topics. Current projects include her oversight of the UMass Amherst’s digital repository ScholarWorks and her recent role as the leader of the campus’ Open Education Initiative.

Ms. Billings’ recent presentations include “Ditch Your Textbook: Academic Librarians Inspiring Faculty to go “Open” with Steven Bell (Temple University) at the Association of College and Research Libraries Conference in April 2013; “Documenting and Promoting Research & Engagement Using ScholarWorks, UMass Amherst’s Digital Repository” an invited webinar presentation for Berkeley Electronic Press, April 2013; “The Open Education Initiative @ UMass Amherst: Taking a Bite Out of High-Cost Textbooks” with Sarah Hutton at the UMass System Curriculum Redesign Symposium in Shrewsbury, MA Jan 2013; and “Transforming Library Services in a Time of Rapid Scholarly Communication Change” at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Sept 2012. Her most recent publication “Open Educational Resources as Learning Materials: Prospects and Strategies for Research Libraries”, Billings et al was featured in the September 2012 Research Library Issues (RLI) no. 280.

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Keynote: Libraries and Faculty Partnering to Advance Scholarly Communication

Since the 1990s serials crisis brought a struggle for university libraries to keep up with the escalating cost increases to maintain collections of scholarly materials, libraries have been exploring new models of scholarly communication. This presentation will discuss open access journals as one of these new models and examine trends in open access mandates,  data management plans for scholarly research and new alternative metrics.

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