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In the Summer of 1979 Profs. Robert Guhde and Ed Downey of the Department of Public Administration at the College at Brockport offered a special seminar to consider ways to deal with rising health care costs with a focus on long term care. The seminar called Public Management Simulation included a competition among MPA students from Brockport, Syracuse University, and SUNY Albany to see who could come up with the best solutions. The seminar and competition were funded by a grant to the Department of Public Administration from the 1979 Title IX Higher Education Act.

Papers from the students were edited and published as a book entitled: Who Will Take Care of Me in 2020? A Speculative Look at Government-Funded Long Term Care. Prof. Guhde submitted the paper written by the Brockport students (Laura Volk, Jeanne B. Hutchins, and Jean S. Doremus) to the Public Administration Review, where it won the prestigious Garvey Award and was published in the Sep. – Oct. 1980 edition of the journal. This work is of interest today because it chronicles earlier attempts to deal with rising health care costs and provides insight into some of the policy and administrative remedies under current discussion.


This project was supported in part by a grant from the United Education and the State University of New York at Brockport.



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