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The Project UNIQUE Physical Fitness Test was administered to 153 hard of hearing, 892 deaf, and 686 hearing subjects in the age range of 10 to 17 years to contrast their physical fitness status. Relatively few significant differences between groups were found. Only on the sit-up test did hearing subjects surpass the performance of at least one of the two auditory impaired groups in at least two of the three age groups contrasted. Although some gender and age interactions were found on other test items, no clear pattern relative to a comparison of hearing and auditory impaired groups occurred. Age and gender performances within the auditory impaired groups were similar to those expected of hearing groups.

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Winnick, Joseph P., & Short, Francis X. (1986). The Physical Fitness of Adolescents with Auditory Impairments. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 3(1), 58-66.

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