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Spring 2000


The purpose of this study was to determine the crank-arm length that would maximize peak, mean and minimum power outputs in a recumbent cycling position. Nineteen male volunteers were each tested with five pedal crank-arm lengths (110, 145, 180,230 and 265 mm) according to a randomized sequence on a free-weight Monark cycle ergometer. The 30-second Wingate Anaerobic Cycling test was performed in a recumbent position (750 seat-tube angle, backrest perpendicular to the ground) against a resistance of 85 g/kg of the subject's body mass (5.0 J/crank rev/kg BM). Curve estimation with regression analysis revealed that the crank-arm lengths to maximize peak power, mean power and minimum power are J24 mm, 175 mm and 215 mm, respectively.

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Originally published in Human Power: Technical Journal of the IHPVA.

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