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In bullying research, status plays a key role in who is the instigator and who is the recipient of bullying. Athletes are often considered a high status individual and have been accused of engaging in bullying behaviors. Individuals with disabilities are seen as possessing lower status and are often the victims of bullying. What is unclear is if athletes who have a disability are instigators of bullying or are victims themselves. This study explored implications of status as it relates to bullying experiences by athletes and non-athletes with visual impairments. Specific attention was paid to uncovering similarities and differences between the two groups. Results indicate that individuals with visual impairments are both the victim and instigator of bullying activities. The hypothesis of status as a factor in bullying was supported within both populations.

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Dane-Staples, Emily, et al. "Bullying experiences of individuals with visual impairment: the mitigating role of sport participation." Journal of Sport Behavior, vol. 36, no. 4, 2013, p. 365+. General OneFile, Accessed 11 Dec. 2017.