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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify constraints related to active participation in physical recreation activities and strategies to overcome those constraints from the perspective of Guatemalan families with children with visual impairments. Methods: Participants in this study were Hispanic parents (N=13) of children with visual impairments attending a sports camp held in Guatemala City. Qualitative data were gathered through one-on-one interviews. Results: Results of this study indicate that Hispanic families who reside in Guatemala City face constraints that impact their physical recreation choices, although they manage to engage in activity whenever possible and try to do the very best for their children with visual impairments. Conclusion: Families voiced their desire to receive help from governmental agencies to establish community programs and activities for family participation.

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Columna, L., Lieberman, L.J., Fernandez-Vivo, M., & Arndt, K. (2013). Physical recreation constraints among Guatemalan families with children with visual impairments. The Global Journal of Health and Physical Education Pedagogy, 2, 205-220.