Psychometric Properties of the Test of Gross Motor Development-3 fo Children With Visual Impairments

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Results of the Test of Gross Motor Development-2 (TGMD-2) consistently show acceptable validity and reliability for children/adolescents who are sighted and those who have visual impairments. Results of the Test of Gross Motor Development-3 (TGMD-3) are often valid and reliable for children who are sighted, but its psychometric properties are unknown for children with visual impairments. Participants (N=66; Mage =12.93, SD=2.40) with visual impairments completed the TGMD-2 and TGMD-3. The TGMD-3 results from this sample revealed high internal consistency (ω=.89–.95), strong interrater reliability (ICC=.91–.92), convergence with the TGMD-2 (r=.96), and good model fit, χ2(63)=80.10, p=.072, χ2/df ratio=1.27, RMSEA=.06, CFI=.97. Researchers and practitioners can use the TGMD-3 to assess the motor skill performance for children/adolescents with visual impairments and most likely produce results that are valid and reliable

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