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The purpose of this study was to examine barriers perceived by teachers when including students with visual impairments in general physical education. Teachers (52 males, 96 females) who had children with visual impairments in their physical education classes were surveyed prior to in-service workshop participation. The most prevalent barriers were professional preparation, equipment, programming, and time. A logistic regression analysis, regressing gender, in-service training, number of students with visual impairments taught, masters degree attained, masters hours spent on visual impairments (yes or no), undergraduate hours spent on visual impairments (yes or no), and years of experience failed to indicate significant predictors of professional preparation as a barrier, Model x2 (6, n = 148) = 4.48, p > .05.

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Lieberman, L.J., Dunn, J.M., van der Mars, H. & McCubbin, J.A. (2000). Peer Tutors' Effects on Activity Levels of Deaf Students in Inclusive Elementary Physical Education. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 17(1), 20-39.

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