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Thirty-five youth with visual impairments (13.5 plus or minus 2.1 yrs, 13 girls and 22 boys) walked four 100-meter distances while wearing two units (right and left placement) of three brands of voice-announcement (VA) pedometers (Centrios[TM] Talking Pedometer, TALKiNG Pedometer, and Sportline Talking Calorie Pedometer 343) and a reference pedometer (NL2000). Registered pedometer steps for each trial were recorded, compared to actual steps assessed via digital video. Inter-unit agreement between right and left VA pedometer placement was low (ICC range 0.37 to 0.76). A systematic error was observed for the VA pedometers on the left placement (error range 5.6% to 12.2%), while right placement VA pedometers were at or below plus or minus 3% from actual steps (range 2.1% to 3.3%). The reference pedometer was unaffected by placement (ICC 0.98, error approximately 1.4%). Overall, VA pedometers demonstrated acceptable accuracy for the right placement, suggesting this position is necessary for youth with visual impairments. (Contains 3 tables and 2 figures.)

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Beets, M. W., Foley, J. T., Tindall, D. W. S., & Lieberman, L. J. (2007). Accuracy of Voice-Announcement Pedometers for Youth with Visual Impairment. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 24(3), 218-227.

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