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This study analyzed the physical fitness performance of 141 youngsters with spinal neuromuscular conditions, by age, sex, and severity of condition, and compared the performance of these subjects with 1,192 normal youngsters on selected physical fitness test items. Boys and girls, ages 10-17, with paraplegic spinal neuromuscular conditions were tested on 11 physical fitness test items which were modified, as necessary, for their participation. Where comparisons were appropriate, the scores of normal subjects of the same sex and age generally exceeded significantly those of the paraplegic subjects. There was a trend for paraplegic subjects to possess larger skinfolds than normal youngsters, and, where differences existed in skinfolds, the skinfolds of older paraplegic subjects exceeded those of younger paraplegic subjects. Few significant sex and age differences emerged for the paraplegic group on nonskinfold (performance) items. The test battery administered did not discriminate among the performance of subjects with various levels of spinal lesions at or below the sixth thoracic vertebra.

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