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Professionals and students working in college recreation departments are often involved in many facets relating to the hiring of competent employees. A review of literature revealed that various professions sought different qualities in potential job candidates. There were few examples of research relating to the qualities sought by potential employers of campus recreation personnel. Therefore, recreation directors, holding a NIRSA institutional membership, were surveyed to determine the characteristics, attributes, and competencies preferred in new hires for: (a) professional positions, (b) graduate assistantships, and (c) student employees. The findings revealed the most highly sought after qualifications in professional job candidates were excellent language/speaking skills, prior experience in campus recreation, neat overall appearance, excellent writing skills, and possession of a graduate degree. In terms of graduate assistant positions, campus recreation directors highly ranked the categories neat overall appearance, excellent writing skills, and prior experience in campus recreation. Campus recreation directors ranked the possession of certifications in first aid and CPR highly among student employee applicants.

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