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A survey of all National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) campus recreation directors was conducted to determine the risk management policies, practices, and procedures relating to intramural activities and recreational sports at colleges and universities throughout North America. The survey instrument, in its final form, addressed practices, policies, and procedures of campus recreation directors through 44 questions relating to the following areas: (a) documentation, (b) medical factors, (c) rules and regulations, (d) physical supervision, (e) sportsmanship rating systems, (f) restrictive policies, (g) safety devices, (h) officials-tests-qualifications, and (i) background experiences and training of the respondents. Selected data are presented in terms of (a) the size of institutions (small, medium, and large), (b) location of the institution (rural, urban, and suburban), and (c) whether public or privately supported.

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