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An introduction to the world of on-line courses (distance education/ learning) is presented. In addition, the world of on-line learning, as it pertains to sport management, is examined within the framework of (a) pedagogy, (b) finances, (c) assessment, and (d) choosing to transition from the traditional classroom to on-line learning. Pertinent points relative to each of the four categories are presented from the literature. In an effort to stimulate thought and discussion to the subject of on-line learning for sport management programs/ courses the authors provide their reactions to the literature points by presenting their comments/reactions from a sport management perspective. Sport management professors and administrators are encouraged to critically examine the feasibility of such on-line courses (distance education/ learning) within their own curricula while maintaining an appropriate framework revolving around sound theoretical instructional strategies, methods as well as appropriate use of instructional tools, including but not limited to, computers and the WWW.



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