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Physical education programs throughout the country are feeling the negative effects of what is proving to be the longest and most severe financial crisis in this country since the Great Depression. Potentially negative issues in physical education programs resulting from the current recession include: (a) low workplace morale, (b) the elimination of teaching as well as coaching positions, (c) an increase in physical education class size, and (d) a decline in resources (i.e., equipment and supplies). Physical education teachers must understand the current economic situation they find themselves in and react in an appropriate manner and timely fashion if they are to continue to develop professionally and maintain job security. It is recommended that physical education teachers: (a) remain visibly positive, (b) be versatile in what they can teach (and coach), (c) be able to teach and coach at different levels, (d) demonstrate large class teaching skills, (e) be innovative and flexible in all areas pertaining to their job, and (f) be viewed as competent, professional and innovative teachers by school authorities, parents, students and members of the community.

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