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Winter 2011


This study examined free time motivation and physical activity in 68 middle school children from a rural public school system (N = 24) and a private school located in the same area of the Midwest (N = 44). Results indicated that free time motivation did not explain variability in physical activity behavior during free time or while students were in school (p > .01). A school (private vs. public) x gender comparison indicated that males had higher activity levels than females during free time and while in school, F(1, 67) = 8.43, p < .01, Eta2 = .12 and F(1, 67) = 27.59, p < .01, Eta2 = .30. There were no differences between public versus private school participants (p > . 05) on free time minutes of MVPA. Males from the study participated in 56 minutes per day while wearing activity monitors, approximating the 60 minutes recommended by health experts, t = -1.028, p > .05, n = 30. Female values were significantly below this Department of Health and Human Services recommendation at 32 minutes per day, t = -7.31, p < .01, n = 38.

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Physical Educator Late Winter2011, Vol. 68 Issue 1, p18

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