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Grounding sport policy in utilitarianism provides the foundation for a morally good and effective sport organization. The responsibility of developing and sustaining sport policy is held by the sport organization’s manager. Policy drives the actions of members of the sport organization, and those actions determine the sentiments of the sporting community. A sport organization grounded in utilitarian based policy supports actions by its members that result in the long term happiness for the most possible members of the sporting community. Thus, sport policy must be developed that results in actions that bring about long term happiness to members of the sporting community if it is to be considered moral from a utilitarian standpoint. After identifying members of the sporting community, accurately predicting actions that bring about long-term happiness to the sporting community is essential. Predictive abilities on the part of the sport manager require experience, a good conscious, and common sense. Sport managers must also be able to think critically, understand human nature, and bring together members of the sporting community if they are to effectively develop and sustain a morally good sport organization grounded in utilitarianism.

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Schneider, R.C. (2010). Governing Sport Morally through Policy Grounded in Utilitarianism. Ghana Physical Education and Sport Journal, 1(1), 59-69.

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