Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2018

Degree Name

MSEd in Physical Education


Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education


This synthesis highlights the impact that resistance training has on adolescent high school athletes. More specifically, the review of literature examined the appropriate methodologies in programming for athletes and coaches, the physiological responses experienced by the athlete, and the sport-specific training outcomes experienced as a result. The synthesis used eleven peer-reviewed, scholarly articles that researched resistance training effects on adolescent athletes. Results demonstrated that most of adaptation that occurs because of program participation is primarily neuromuscular. Physiological adaptations in size will occur over a larger extent of time due to both training response and maturity. Intensity and complexity of desired movements should correlate to the athlete’s experience and performance levels at the time of initial programming. Due to the wide variety of sports and activities that experienced sport-specific skill improvement from training administration, coaches and athletes looking to improve performance should explore possible means of program implementation.