Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education

First Advisor

Dr. Daniel Smith


This study investigated changes in five personality traits and the use of mental preparation skills by college athletes over the course of a sport season. The traits measured included achievement motivation, competitive trait anxiety, concentration, leadership, and trait self-confidence. The mental preparation skills included imagery, stress management, goal-setting, psychic energy management, and attention. A self-evaluation questionnaire was administered to Fall and Winter intercollegiate athletes at the State University of New York, College at Brockport. The participating male athletic teams included soccer, football, basketball, ice hockey, cross-country, and wrestling. The participating female athletic teams included soccer, field hockey, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, cross-country, and tennis. The purpose of the investigation was to determine if the personality traits and mental preparation skills of athletes change over the course of a sport season. It was found that five of the six personality traits and the mental preparation skills did not change. Competitive trait anxiety was the only variable that significantly changed from pre- to post-season.