Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education

First Advisor

Dr. Gregory A. Kenney


The study investigated the effects of weight training on the swimming performance of female intercollegiate competitive swimmers. Twelve members of the S.U.N.Y. College at Brockport women's swim team served as subjects. Six subjects participated in a ten week weight training program as well as in the daily two hour in-water team swimming practices. The other six subjects participated in the same in-water swimming practices but not in the weight training. Pre- and rest-testing was conducted at the beginning and end of the ten week training program. Performance variables tested included a jump and reach; 25 yard mean velocity, 10 yard maximum velocity, distance/stroke at maximum velocity, and stroke rate at maximum velocity for the front crawl and breaststroke. Data analysis was conducted at a .05 level of significance using a correlated t-test. The writer failed to reject the null hypothesis for all variables tested.