1983 Volume 14


During the past year the Center for Philosophic Exchange has been reorganized, mainly in order to redirect its program of public conferences. With this issue Philosophic Exchange too has a new look: the editorial policy has not changed however, and readers can expect of this journal the same orientation it has had in the past. We are concerned, as always, primarily with issues of broad intellectual concern rather than with the more narrow problems of technical philosophy.

This is the first year that Joseph Gilbert has not been involved with the Center since its founding in 1970. Howard Kiefer planned the Center for Philosophic Exchange as a way to continue the program of the International Philosophy Year, and Joe Gilbert worked closely with him from the beginning in executing those plans. When Justus Hartnack took over the directorship of the Center upon Howard's retirement in 1975, Joe became more deeply involved in the Center's program, becoming its assistant director and co-editor of this journal. Joe then became director of the Center and editor of this journal in 1978 when Justus retired. Over the years Joe Gilbert has organized a great many important conferences, he has developed scores of instructional video tapes, and he has spent countless hours in the preparation of this journal. On behalf of all the people who have profited from his efforts, I take this opportunity to thank him for his years of tireless service and to wish him all the best in the projects to which he now turns his energies.



The Ambivalent Self
Judith Farr Tormey