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We investigate the spectroscopy and decays of the charmonium and upsilon systems in a potential model consisting of a relativistic kinetic energy term, a linear confining term including its scalar and vector relativistic corrections and the complete perturbative one-loop quantum chromodynamic short distance potential. The masses and wave functions of the various states are obtained using a variational technique, which allows us to compare the results for both perturbative and nonperturbative treatments of the potential. As well as comparing the mass spectra, radiative widths and leptonic widths with the available data, we include a discussion of the errors on the parameters contained in the potential, the effect of mixing on the leptonic widths, the Lorentz nature of the confining potential, and the possible cc interpretation of recently discovered charmoniumlike states.

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© 2007 The American Physical Society DOI:10.1103/PhysRevD.75.074031

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