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This report is an initial attempt to assess the Civic Health of The College at Brockport. By “Civic Health” we mean the civic, social and political strength of a community. Civic strength is characterized by the level of community involvement and the capacity of a community to work together to resolve collective problems. Social strength captures the social ties, networks, level of trust, and shared understanding in a community. Political strength gauges the extent of citizens’ engagement with government. In this first Civic Health Report we present data addressing most, but not all, aspects of Civic Health. We focus on the College at Brockport student body. In future years we plan to expand the range of indicators we assess and extend the project to include faculty and staff ‐ clearly two important constituencies in the college community.


Thanks and Acknowledgements:

The American Democracy Project National Staff and the Committee at Brockport

The National Conference on Citizenship

Anne Hout and the Office of the Provost at the College at Brockport

Jeff Lashbrook and the Office of Institutional Research at the College at Brockport

The Institute for Engaged Learning , Summer Research Program at the College at Brockport

The Office of Community Development at the College at Brockport especially Jeiri Flores

The Leadership Development Program at the College at Brockport

The Department of Political Science and International Studies at the College at Brockport, especially students in Research Methods Fall 2012 and Spring 2013