Our department is unique in that it combines two majors: political science—with it's long and distinguished legacy at SUNY Brockport—and international studies, one of the most rapidly growing new majors in the SUNY system.

Collected here are honors theses produced by students in the Department of Political Science and International Studies at the College at Brockport.


Theses from 2017


The Chinese Hukou System: Reform, Reduction, or Removal, Ashley Brush

Theses from 2014


An Analysis of the Declaration of Independence, Gabrielle Brannigan

Theses from 2013


Civic Engagement in Battleground States, Chloe Macdonald

Theses from 2011


The Ideological Operation of the United States Supreme Court, Amy Taylor


Lega Nord: Progression of the Populist Movement, Ryan Wolfling