The College at Brockport is very proud to showcase publications by our esteemed faculty members. This collection features works published by the faculty and professionals, both current and former, of the Department of Psychology. These publications are comprised of articles submitted to scholarly and peer-reviewed academic journals.


Submissions from 2018


An Experimental Comparison of the Effect of Teacher Versus Self‑Evaluation/Self‑Reflection Feedback on College Students’ Behavioral Observation Skills, Marcie N. Desrochers, Jie Zhang, Stacey L. Caron, and Jenna Steinmiller

Submissions from 2013


Bullying Experiences of Individuals with Visual Impairment: The Mitigating Role of Sport Participation, Emily Danes-Staples, Lauren J. Lieberman, Jennifer Ratcliff, and Kala Rounds

Submissions from 2012


Performance Factors in Associative Learning: Assessment of the Sometimes Competing Retrieval Model, James E. Witnauer, Brittany M. Wojick, Cody W. Polack, and Ralph R. Miller

Submissions from 2006


Case Difficulty of Simulation Software, Marcie N. Desrochers, Darlene E. Crone-Todd, and Tim J. Conheady

Submissions from 2000


An Evaluation of Simulations in Developmental Disabilities (SIDD) Instructional Software that Provides Practice in Behavioral Assessment and Treatment Decisions, Marcie N. Desrochers, Tiffany Clemmons, Mary Grady, and Brandi Justice