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Determinants of gross motor skill performance in children with visual impairments
Pamela Haibach, Matthias O. Wagner, and Lauren j. Lieberman


Virtual time-to-contact of postural stability boundaries as a function of support surface compliance
Pamela Haibach, Semyon M. Slobounov, Elena S. Slobounov, and Karl M. Newell


Thomas Beyer Interview
Jacob Tynan and Alexander L. Berardi


Psychometric Properties of the Test of Gross Motor Development-3 fo Children With Visual Impairments
Lauren j. Lieberman, Pamela Haibach-Beach, Sally taunton, Ali Bryan, John Foley, and Sara Santarossa


Teaching Dance to Elementary Students
Pamela Haibach and Jennifer Battisti


A Basin-Wide Survey of Coastal Wetlands of the Laurentian Great Lakes: Development and Comparison of Water Quality Indices
Anna M. Harrison, Alexander J. Reisinger, Matthew J. Cooper, Valerie J. Brady, Jan J H. Siborowski, Katherine E. O'Reilly, Carl R. Ruetz III, Douglas A. Wilcox, and Donald G. Uzarski


A Sault-outlet-referenced mid- to late-Holocene paleohydrograph for Lake Superior constructed from strandplains of beach ridges
John W. Johnson, E P. Argyulan, T A. Thompson, S J. Baedke, K Lepper, Douglas A. Wilcox, S L. Forman, and John W. Johnston


Mid Holocene lake level and shoreline behavior during the Nipissing phase of the upper Great Lakes at Alpena, Michigan, USA
Todd A. Thompson Indiana University, Kenneth Lepper, Anthony L. Endres, John W. Johnston, Steve J. Baedke, erin P. Argyilan, Robert K. Booth, and Douglas A. Wilcox

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