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Cathy Appleby Interview
Jacob Tynan and Sharon Knaudt


Jeanette Banker (Class of '53) Interview
Jacob Tynan and Bruce Leslie


Ecosystem Services: Developing Sustainable Management Paradigms Based on Wetland Functions and Processes
Ned H. Euliss Jr, Mark M. Brinson, David M. Mushet, Loren M. Smith, William H. Connor, Virginia R. Burkett, Douglas A. Wilcox, Mark W. Hester, and Haochi Zheng


Provenance of invaders has scale-dependent impacts in a changing wetland ecosystem
Kathryn L. Amatangelo, Lee Steven, Douglas A. Wilcox, Stephen T. Jackson, and Dov F. Sax


An expanded fish-based index of biotic integrity for Great Lakes coastal wetlands
Matthew J. Cooper, Gary A. Lambertu, Ashley H. Moerke, Carl R. Ruetz III, Douglas A. Wilcox, and et al

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