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Culture is an essential element of a workplace that helps employees define their job and their culture fit experience. In 2013, Excellus BCBS faced a dilemma: How to transition from a formal corporate culture of top - down authoritarian leadership to more open, collaborative, people – centric work environment where employees feel more valued, respected, and engaged. This study explored different methods and initiatives the culture team conducted since its existence and their employee’s satisfaction. The goal of this case study is to seek employees input about their culture experience and their thoughts toward the culture team different initiatives since its existence. The August Pulse Survey is used to gather specific feedback on Excellus BCBS desired culture and measures the behaviors to lead to be a great workplace. The 2018 August Pulse Survey was administrated online to all employees. According to responses as a company, employees are not holding themselves accountable and employees are empowered to learn. Therefore, the culture team use the information from these surveys or focus group meetings to make improvements.

Presentation Date


Faculty Advisor

Steve Falco


McNair Summer 2019

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield: Evolution of Advancing its Workplace Culture