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This proposal amends the current College withdrawal policy to reaffirm long-standing exceptions that the College implemented under the previous policy. The text of the amendment is included below: "As exceptions to the general College policy on drops and withdrawals, the College may require advisor approvals for all schedule changes for first-semester freshmen and program coordinators’ approvals to drop/withdraw from specific courses in composition (ENL 101, 102, 112), mathematics (MTH 110, 111), GEP 100/120, GEP 150, Military Science courses, as well as, developmental courses in EOP and the Exceptional Talent Program." “In addition, students enrolled in internships, practica and other field placements can be required to receive prior approval of the program coordinator to drop/withdraw from such courses. Current programs to which this exception will apply include the Albany Semester Program, the Brockport Career Exploration Course, America Reads and the Disney College Program as well as field placements coordinated by the academic departments/programs. This exception may be applied to similar programs developed in the future.”

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Accepted by Interim President Clark on 4/21/05 . Effective Fall 2005