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The Department of Nursing would like to add two courses as required courses within the RN to BSN Major. Adding these two courses does not add time to degree. The first course is PRO 258 Applied Statistics for Nurses (name change). The evolution of the nursing profession has resulted in the need for all professional nurses to be able to understand and complete evidence based reviews and quality improvement analyses. PRO 258 is designed to address meet this need and to assist practicing nurses to develop a basic understanding of data analysis while ensuring that these concepts are applied in an appropriate clinical situation. PRO 258 has been a recommended class for RN to BSN students and the majority of students have already been taking this class. We are now asking that the class be required to further enhance their success. The second course is NUR 495 Senior Nursing Seminar. This course is a required course in the traditional nursing program. Course description: NUR 495 is a concentrated clinical course that includes 128 hours with an experienced RN from a local hospital or agency. This course provides the student with the opportunity to choose a select setting of their interest in order to further develop their clinical experience and assist in the transition to professional practice. This course will be waived for any student in the RN to BSN program who is currently working as an RN.

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