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We want to ensure that the Medical Technology major achieves Licensure Qualifying status. Based on discussions with SED, several changes have been made to the program in preparation for students completing their Clinical Year at WCA Hospital. 1.)To meet the Analytical Chemistry or Biochemistry with a lab component (the State requirements are appended at the end of this proposal), Organic Chemistry II (CHM306) alone is no longer sufficient to meet the State requirements. We will require Quantitative Chemical Analysis (CHM313) by default. Biochemistry and Biochemistry Lab (BIO467 and BIO470, respectively) will be recommended by advisement only. 2.) When reviewing proposals that seek licensure qualifying status, SED will examine the progression criterion for the Clinical Year. Based on our discussions with the Clinical Affiliates and the credentials of students that they have admitted in the last five years, we are proposing an overall GPA of at least 2.75 as the progression criterion. 3.) In consultation with our Clinical affiliates, we have implemented an Immunology Laboratory (BIO430) and added this as a required course – although some Immunology lab techniques are part of the Clinical Year curriculum, we anticipate that this may become a requirement for Licensure in the near future.

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