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Revisions to the curriculum for the MSED degree in Counseling will adjust our current 48 credit hour Community Counselor emphasis to a 60 hour Mental Health Counseling emphasis so as to prepare students to met SED requirements for NYS licensure as Mental Health Counselors. Additional proposed revisions will adjust the curriculum so as to better suit the needs of students in all program emphases: school counselor, college counselor and community/mental health counselor. School and College Counselor emphases will remain at 48 credit hours. The revisions will eliminate EDI 685: Research Design & Statistics and replace it with EDC 685: Research and Program Evaluation. Additionally, revisions will replace EDI 530: Education & Society with EDC 616: Counseling in School Settings. EDC 613: Psychopathology will be renamed EDC 613: Counseling in Mental Health Settings. Further, some courses, which are now 6 credit hours, are changed to two-3 credit hour courses. Some of the courses are renumbered to create a logical program sequence.

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to President Halstead for approval -Accepted by President Halstead 2/10/06 - Effective Fall 2006