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Women and Gender Studies proposes that the distribution of the elective requirement for the major be revised as follows: “Must choose four courses (12 credits) from approved interdisciplinary course offerings with no more than six credits from the same discipline.” Proposal Rationale: Women and Gender Studies recently adjusted the requirements to the major by increasing the major core from 21 credits to 24 credits and reducing the elective requirement from five courses (15 hours) to four courses (12 hours) as approved by the College Senate on 2/ 4/08. This proposal recommends modification of the distribution of elective credit hours to streamline and simplify courses identified as meeting the 12 hour elective requirement. The current elective configuration is confusing to students and articulated in DARS in a way that necessitates frequent substitution considerations. Revising the distribution of electives facilitates advisement and course selection per the elective requirement without compromising the knowledge base of the major. The side by side comparison of the current/proposed elective requirement distribution is attached.

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Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies

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Accepted by President Halstead 5/15/08 - Effective Fall 2008